Redefining the IT strategy

New mobile workspaces and the business value of a shift to user centric computing

The key findings from a major Dimension Data and Ovum study

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There is a major transformation in the enterprise;
from desktop to user-centric computing.

So far, CIOs have focused mainly on the potential problems of consumerisation of IT, in areas such as security, legal liability and telecom costs. Whilst these are crucial issues, CIOs must also develop strategies and policies that go beyond reacting to potential problems, and instead focus on the business benefits of moving towards a device-agnostic, more user-centred computing model

We commissioned Ovum, an independent ICT analyst firm, to conduct Dimension Data's 2014 UK End-User Computing Study. The study gives us a vivid picture of the perspectives of 100 senior IT decision-makers across large UK enterprises. Here's a summary of the top four findings:

CIO UK speaks to Jim Barrett, Head of End User Computing at Dimension Data about the rise of the mobile workforce.
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Have you deployed Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile App Management (MAM) Solutions?

When it comes to end-user computing, 52% of UK enterprises are demanding more than the IT department is currently able to deliver

90% of UK IT Directors agree that adopting an end-user computing strategy has a positive effect on the productivity and contribution of the workforce

88% of UK IT Directors believe that an end-user computing strategy is an important enabler of business innovation

45% of UK enterprises lack suitable skills & resources when it comes to developing an end-user computing strategy

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There is a fundamental shift from the desktop-only computing environment towards a device-agnostic, more user-centred one. Organisations are steadily moving towards a model where employees are able to use any sanctioned device to access applications and data from any location; increasing engagement and improving productivity as a result. While IT strategy may be to improve enterprise mobility, the realisation should always be to strive for better business outcomes.

Redefining the IT strategy; the shift to user centric computing

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